Mariza Halliday

About me

Hi, my name is Mariza Halliday, I am an artist and mom of 3 busy little kids. My family and I moved to Ireland in 2019 from South Africa where I worked as a fashion designer for many years. From the moment we moved here, I knew I had found my soul country. Blown away by the breath-taking scenery and architecture, we decided to put down roots permanently.

My passion for painting was reignited during the first lockdown in 2020, having spent so much time immersed in the countryside in our idyllic little town of Castlepollard.

Art is in my blood, both my mother and grandfather were artists, and while it has always been part of my work, I had overlooked the sense of calm and freedom it brings me. Initially unsure what I wanted to paint, as soon as the brush touched the paper, I started painting my favourite building that I pass daily. When the chaos of life gets to me, or when life gets a bit too busy, I paint. It calms me and it is my quiet, peaceful place.

Out of this renewed sense of equanimity, my business was born!

I find inspiration in people’s houses, the structural intricacies, and the richness of life within them. I see houses as living things, my own home is over 200 years old and I always wonder what stories it would tell if the walls could talk. When I paint someone’s house, I try to capture the feeling and history the home holds. The happiness, the cosy times by the fire, the safety and protection during tough times, the anticipation of making memories in a new home. Every part of it has a story, whether it is old or new. This same sentiment inspires my love for illustrating wedding dresses, portraying the emotion and importance of such a poignant day spent with loved ones.

More and more in these times of chaos, we turn to the simple things in life that bring us comfort, joy, and meaning. It is the people and the shared experiences in our lives that matter most, and I am privileged to be able to bring your treasured memories and places to life in art-form.

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